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At Beaufort Fairmont our mission is to rid the world of bad code.

We do this by writing test cases, building frameworks, educating teams, and consulting with management to ensure your applications do what your Product Owners expect. Our decades of experience partnering with Development, Test, and Product teams allow us to ensure applications are behaving themselves. Our clients range in industries from Reinsurance to Healthcare to Enterprise IT Security.

Want to get your test teams testing in-iteration? Want immediate feedback on code changes and newly introduced regressions?

We believe an investment in automated testing should pay off immediately. Waiting six months for someone to “create a framework” is foolish!

We use tools like Selenium, RobotFramework, Cucumber, Appium, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, C# and Continuous Integration to provide feedback about the state of the System Under Test.

Call us today at 984.244.2313 to talk through your testing challenges and learn how we can help you overcome them!

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