LogiGear is a boutique software testing and software development company, and developer of the TestArchitect keyword-driven test automation framework. With a no-coding approach, TestArchitect helps improve automated testing in Agile development by enabling early test development, reducing the time to create and maintain reliable test automation. With more than two decades of serving software businesses […]


Applitools Eyes is the leading cloud-based Automated Visual Testing solution for web, mobile and desktop apps, helping companies verify that GUI & functionality are properly displayed to the end user, across all devices and browsers. By automating testing of all visual & functional elements – including layout, content and CSS – Applitools Eyes instantly validates […]


Xamarin is the new standard in enterprise mobile app development. Xamarin enables you to build iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Store apps in C#, with access to 100% of the device APIs, fully native UIs, and native performance for amazing experiences. Customers share between 75% – 100% code across platforms, and use our iOS and Android […]