Matt Griscom Matt Griscom

Matt Griscom has 25 years’ experience creating software including innovative test automation, harnesses and frameworks. Two degrees in physics primed him to seek the big picture in any setting. This comprehensive vision and a love of solving difficult and important problems led him to create the MetaAutomation pattern language to enable more effective automated verifications for software quality measurement. Matt blogs on MetaAutomation and published the ground-breaking and definitive description of the MetaAutomation pattern language in book form in 2014. Matt loves helping people solve problems with computers and IT, and is available by email at

Speaker Details:

Matt Griscom – Principal, MetaAutomation
Twitter: @MattGriscom
LinkedIn: Matthew Griscom
Website: MetaAutomation
Blog: MetaAutomation.Blogspot
Past Events: StarWest 2015

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