Workshop: The Battle Between Servant and Tyrant: How to Cultivate a Better Leadership Style

What makes a leader like “The Servant Leader” a great leader?  How do we distinguish that leader from the “tyrant” leader, most of us have experienced at least once?  Better yet, how do we prevent ourselves from becoming that ineffective, intolerant and intolerable, kind of leader?

In this half-day experiential workshop we will experience multiple leadership styles (“the servant”, “the tyrant”, “the bully”, and others.) Through simulations we will explore what each leadership style provides to, and extracts, from the leader and also from the community in that context.

We will be able to identify and experience attributes of leadership such as:

  • approach to key decision making
  • communication styles with others
  • facilitation of work flow

and many more.


Participants will acquire an anthology of skills and experiences to help steer their own leadership style to what would be helpful in their context.

Outline of the workshop:

  • We will have a short brainstorm on characteristics of what is a leader followed by a introductory discussion on different styles of leadership.
  • Through simulations and role play attendees will experience first hand what it means to be a servant leader. We will debrief and create a taxonomy for servant leadership.
  • Each group will get a mission to create and play a scenario that demonstrates a specific power rule. We will finish off by debrief and a discussion on how we can avoid being “power grabbed” in those situations.
  • We finish the day by a recap on out takeaways from our new experiences.


Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize when different types of leadership are used
  • Identify what type of leadership suits your unique situation
  • Employ characteristics of context-driven leadership to be an effective leader


Leadership Workshop
Location: Oak Date: April 4, 2016 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Henrik Andersson Henrik Andersson Leo Hepis Leo Hepis