Workshop: Ben and Ilari’s Spectacular Testing Circus – Setting the Stage

Roll up for Ben & Ilari’s spectacular testing circus!  Our gates are open for both testers and developers alike.  The lion tamers and the clowns welcome a healthy mix of both for our show!

Take your seats, we’ll dim the lights.  The stage will soon be set for spectacles and wonders.

This interactive workshop sheds light on some of the most important fundamentals in software testing.  We will have a short introduction followed by practical exercises and games.  Participation is not compulsory, but strongly encouraged.

In our morning session, join us as we work our way through:

  • Testing missions
  • Checking and testing
  • Safety language and
  • Modeling

There will be puzzles and laughter and a distinct absence of powerpoint slides, so come along…. Be entertained (you may even learn something useful).

Our circus will continue with an afternoon session also.  You may participate in either one separately or you may attend both!





Leadership Workshop
Location: Oak Date: April 5, 2016 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Ilari Henrik Aegerter Ben Kelly Ben Kelly