Keynote: Continuous Testing – The Key to Achieving Continuous Delivery


Like most enterprise organizations, Yahoo! strives to create highly personalized experiences for its users, and keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. However, there is constant pressure to meet the demands of users and continually introduce new updates and features. To achieve this, Yahoo! Mail adopted an Agile software development framework (utilizing Continuous Integration practices) that requires development teams to check in new code multiple times a day.

However, this vision of CI/CD was threatened by one of the most difficult and expensive bottlenecks in the CI/CD pipeline – automated testing. At one point the Yahoo! Mail team was blocked by a number of issues around this shift from manual to automated testing practices. From the decision to adopt open source testing technologies, to covering the entire spectrum of browsers, operating systems and devices their users are running, Yahoo! Mail ran into issues most large organizations face when making the shift from Waterfall to Agile.


By adopting automated testing tools and best practices, including continuous testing, Yahoo! Mail was able to concentrate on writing and delivering user-facing product code, all while releasing updates faster and more frequently than before.

Join Neil Manvar, Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs and former software engineer at Yahoo! for this keynote as he takes you on the journey from Waterfall to Agile. You’ll learn strategies on how this shift changes the way developers write code, and how QA teams build tests. Understand the struggles this kind of shift brings as the culture of the organization shifts from siloed departments to cross-functional teams working together and holding each other accountable. Ultimately, you will leave this keynote with a better understanding of how the switch to test automation within the Agile methodology helps teams of any size build higher quality apps, release more frequently, and free up time for innovation.

Keynote Takeaways:

  • How Yahoo! Mail harnessed and implemented automated testing, giving back more time and energy for the team to focus on other vital business operations.
  • How the shift towards cloud-based services, open-source technologies, and developers who write QA code is changing the face of enterprise companies like Yahoo!.
  • Industry insights into how automation tools today promote testing effectiveness without increasing costs, thereby improving the QA—development relationships, bringing everyone closer to a real-time testing environment.

Location: Westin Ballroom Date: April 6, 2016 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Neil Manvar