If Eddie Van Halen was an Automation Engineer…Innovating Your Automation Framework

Imagine being on a project, where the alliance between development and operations with QA/Test is expediting higher yields of branches, pushes and pulls, web hooks, builds and defect-free releases (DevOps). Did the tools/technologies, software designs and architecture, or perhaps individuals make this a success?

On this project, just in the past year, DEV has benefited from new technologies and processes – turning out more features, more quickly, even adapting and replacing one technology or design with another! QA/Test also had the benefits of new technologies too – yet, back then, why were we having issues of catching-up with DEV and still having defects slip into later stages of formal QA testing and even PROD? These new testing tools were supposed to keep us in sync with DEV right?

The QA/Test teams are all experienced with leveraging Cloud testing, Jenkins, CirlceCI, AWS, and new test types, such as visual testing. Furthermore, our multitudes of QA/Test teams all had their own unique automation framework … where one would have to be cautious about which framework to use for their automation.

The toxic marriage between great tools coupled with pre-dated automation designs and strategies got us nowhere.

Discover how we were able to call upon the spirit of “Eddie Van Halen” and innovate our automation frameworks. As Eddie once shared, “you have to know the rules, before you can break them”.  Translation – pretty much, all the automation designs and strategies you’re now using, which were probably ‘discovered’ between the 1990s and 2008 are the real culprits in your inability to scale and keep up with the spirit of DevOps/Agile …

Session Takeaways:

  • Turning the page (objects) – another look and improving on the popular page object design.
  • Solving the QA automation battles. Too many frameworks on your project? How you can keep them all and still be success while improving collaboration.
  • Examples of leveraging new technologies, e.g. visual testing, into your framework.
  • Code examples and demos using Ruby/Node.js and the open source project we created – ScoutUI (a functional and visual testing based framework with a model based approach).

Agile Automation Strategy
Location: Bayshore Ballroom Date: April 7, 2016 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Peter Kim