Amplify Your Test Effectiveness with High-Volume Automation

Would you like to get real benefit from your automated tests?
Do you want to extend the reach of your exploratory testing?
How about having your computer find new bugs while you are home sleeping?
Most test automation in use today is expensive to maintain and finds few worthwhile bugs. Manual testing, on the other hand, is great at finding bugs, but it is slow and labor-intensive.
High-volume automated testing (HiVAT) provides a way out of this dilemma by combining human judgment and computer horsepower.
HiVAT is a general-purpose approach for creating testing that is thorough, robust, and flexible. And HiVAT techniques work well across most types of applications from online web services to APIs and most places in-between.  As an added bonus, you don’t need expensive tools to do HiVAT. What you DO need is flexible thinking, some basic scripting ability, and cheap CPU cycles.
This example-driven presentation will introduce you to high-volume techniques that can improve your bug-finding ability as soon as you return to work from the conference.

Session Takeaways:

  • Find NEW bugs through test automation.
  • Integrate automation with your exploratory tests.
  • Create flexible test oracles.
  • Introduce automation into your project on Day 1.
  • Take home sample scripts to get you started!


Location: Oak Date: April 7, 2016 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am Harry Robinson