In this track you will learn the strategic and practical approaches to software testing and test case design, based on the underlying software development methodology.

Risk Based Testing

Risk is the possibility of a negative or undesirable outcome or event. Testing is concerned with two main types of risks: Product or quality risks, which are problems that can potentially affect the quality of the product itself. Project or planning risks, which are problems that can potentially affect overall project success. Not all risks […]

The Intersection of Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Accessibility deals with designing products that allow those who otherwise could not use them to gain access to information and services through assistive technology. Inclusive Design seeks to do a similar thing, but instead of focusing on the outer reaches of disability and assistive technology, the goal is to design products that take into account […]

From Concept to Classroom: Continuously Testing Online, Interactive Curriculum at

Join’s Brian Jordan for a whirlwind tour of’s product development lifecycle, and how his team uses automated testing to ensure teachers and students won’t experience frustrating, class-period-disrupting bugs. is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. Their vision is that […]

Maximizing Success with Data Testing

We live in a world where data is king. Practically everything we do requires some type of data. And whether you are specifically testing data or you are testing products and applications that use data, it has become a necessity to understand the best way to ensure the quality of it. Large corporations are protecting […]

It’s Not a Bug, It’s an Environment Problem

It’s not a bug, it’s an environment problem. Environments are costly and data refreshes tedious. As a result, quality assurance professionals have to make compromises and work in environments that have a different makeup than the production environment, which can create false positives and/or bugs to be missed. This presentation will help quality assurance professionals […]

Collaborative Testing: Why We CAN Have Nice Things

ATDD and BDD sound great, but how does a team that is more used to traditional methods of development and testing make the transition? We’ll talk about some practical steps to get there, plus some very important shared values that the team must possess before attempting this type of development. We’ll talk about how this […]

REST for the Weary Tester: Tips and Tricks for Testing REST Services

Under the hood of your web or mobile application there are likely multiple REST-based services doing the hard work of connecting your application to the world. Thorough testing of these services can help you flush out issues early in the software lifecycle, and provide a solid foundation for continuing application development and testing. In this […]

Workshop: Expanding Your Mobile Test Offerings

In this half-day session, we will discuss common challenges around your current (or new) mobile testing strategy and discuss efficient innovations that we can put in place. We will discuss the following in-depth: The test types that mobile has introduced along with definitions so you can expand your Test Plan. The appropriate use of simulators […]