In this track you will learn practical skills, tools, and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests.

PerfBytes Live!

What is PerfBytes? Application performance is not what you would call a sexy subject. Most of the work is done late at night, surrounded by cold pizza and tired engineers scratching their heads as to the root cause of the latest performance issue. At PerfBytes we try to make performance more approachable. Every show we […]

My Worst Performance Testing Mistakes

Wow, did I mess that up!! As modern software engineers we know the value of learning from our failures. We also know that it’s better to learn from the failures and mistakes of others than necessarily repeating the same mistakes in our own work. Allow me then to share my own personal “adventures” in performance […]

How Rendering is Killing Your Scalability

Measuring rendering at the desktop is all the rage in performance circles, but did you know concentrating on just this one statistic can negatively impact your overall measure of performance? This presentation will examine the history of measurement at the client during performance tests, techniques in common use within testing and development environments as well […]

How Can Memory Use Affect Performance?

A Performance Tester/ Troubleshooter, needs to understand that the way an application uses memory can affect the overall application/system performance. The presentation will cover memory concepts like the cache and NUMA along with coding examples showing good and bad cache usage. Furthermore, the presentation will explain how threaded code can be further impacted by false […]

Demystifying the Test Automation Pyramid

This session will discuss the Test Automation Pyramid and how it has influenced the view and implementation of automation of testing on software projects. We will discuss the original idea and intent of the Automation Pyramid. The myths and misconceptions that have been caused by it. How to correct those myths and misconceptions. How to […]

More Top Performance Problems and Metrics for Testing

Ever wondered why really had a problem or why BestBuy was down on Black Friday? Or what is the real reason behind that maintenance screen when you just tried to access your online banking system? If the system crashed under the load – why didn’t they test it properly? Or did they but forgot […]

Workshop: Performance Puzzler Workshop

Have you ever been stumped by a performance issue? And everyone is looking at you to be the genius who knows everything about performance? It’s a situation that we may find ourselves in frequently, but never get a chance to practice fully before we end up in the hot seat. This workshop will help you […]

Workshop: Interpreting and Reporting Performance Test Results

You’ve worked hard to define, develop and execute a performance test on a new application to determine its behavior under load. You have barrels full of numbers. What’s next? The answer is definitely not to generate and send a canned report from your testing tool. Results interpretation and reporting is where a performance tester earns […]

Workshop: Application Performance Clinic

Andreas teaches you how he analyzes scalabilty and performance problems of applications without having to run large load against them. His approach covers frontend (web, mobile, rich client), backend (web server, app server, database, services, …) and deployment (bad configurations, wrong sizing, …) problem diagnostics. Those of you that have an application they are currently […]