Developing and testing software for mobile devices presents its own set of challenges. In this track participants will learn mobile testing techniques from real-world experiences as presented by a selection of industry experts.

SOASTA Demo: TouchTest & CloudTest

Stop by SOASTA’s Demo and see why Forrester Research calls “Digital Performance Management Is An Evolutionary Step Beyond APM“, a combination of continuous functional and load testing plus real user experience measurement. Watch automated tests run in parallel on our local and remote mobile devices with TouchTest, while load tests are executed from development to […]

The Intersection of Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Accessibility deals with designing products that allow those who otherwise could not use them to gain access to information and services through assistive technology. Inclusive Design seeks to do a similar thing, but instead of focusing on the outer reaches of disability and assistive technology, the goal is to design products that take into account […]

Strategies to Break Native Applications

Mobile apps are being used in virtually every industry by a variety of different end users and customers. They are becoming one of the most widely-used ways customers are interacting with companies and with each other – but their experiences with these apps can strongly impact how they will be used in the future, if […]

Advanced Automated Visual Testing

Automated visual testing is a major emerging trend in the dev / test community. In this talk you will learn what visual testing is and why it should be automated. We will take a deep dive into some of the technological challenges involved with visual test automation and show how modern tools address them. We […]

7 Steps to Pragmatic Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is getting harder: more devices, multiple operating systems, higher quality expectations and shorter development cycles. Much of mobile app testing is manual and moving to automation is a requirement. But where do you start? Do you know who is the typical user and how the app is used? How do you know which […]

Workshop: Expanding Your Mobile Test Offerings

In this half-day session, we will discuss common challenges around your current (or new) mobile testing strategy and discuss efficient innovations that we can put in place. We will discuss the following in-depth: The test types that mobile has introduced along with definitions so you can expand your Test Plan. The appropriate use of simulators […]