This track will help participants understand how they can fit traditional test practices into an Agile environment as well as explore real-world examples of testing projects and teams in varying degrees of Agile adoption.

Jumpstart Your DevOps Journey with Continuous Testing

IT organizations are adopting DevOps practices to speed more frequent software releases to production and to not only accelerate time to market but to improve overall customer experience. But, adopting DevOps practices requires a cultural shift in terms of people, process and technology involved in development, testing and operations. Many organizations encounter significant challenges when […]

What’s in Your Cup of “T”

Testers today are being asked to do a whole lot more than just testing. The notion of “T” shaped people was created Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO) coined it in the 1990s to describe the new breed of worker. I believe that testers, actually – anyone, can contribute a lot more to the business than […]

Workshop: Agile Test Team Leadership – From Concepts to Delivery

There’s a gross error being made today across many agile organizations. They’re assuming there is no place for test management and leadership in agile, self-directed team contexts. We beg to differ with this strategy. There is a strong need to testing leadership in agile organizations, just not the way we’ve always approached it. In this […]

Workshop: Agile Testing – Practices That Deliver the Most Value

Let’s face it – agile testing is different. First of all, there are challenges integrating successfully within the teams themselves. Scrummerfall is still running rampant. Then there is the dichotomy of testing vs. quality and balancing your and the teams focus. Finally, delivering value is also an imperative, but a challenge. In this dynamic workshop, […]

Workshop: Application Performance Clinic

Andreas teaches you how he analyzes scalabilty and performance problems of applications without having to run large load against them. His approach covers frontend (web, mobile, rich client), backend (web server, app server, database, services, …) and deployment (bad configurations, wrong sizing, …) problem diagnostics. Those of you that have an application they are currently […]