Workshop: Hands-On with the BDD & Cucumber Test Automation

Learn how to take your testing to the next level using the concepts of BDD, and one of the many tools you can use to implement it (Cucumber). Are you facing challenges in your development team in coding and testing to the spec? What if you could have just one artifact? How would you do […]

Workshop: Practical Process of Implementation of Test Automation

Practical process of implementing test automation for a project. This class will go through the steps from start to finish of implementing test automation for a project. The material will cover the areas: Initiation of the implementation, how to correct the myths and convince management to support the effort. Selection of tests to automate and […]

Workshop: Interpreting and Reporting Performance Test Results

You’ve worked hard to define, develop and execute a performance test on a new application to determine its behavior under load. You have barrels full of numbers. What’s next? The answer is definitely not to generate and send a canned report from your testing tool. Results interpretation and reporting is where a performance tester earns […]

Workshop: Application Performance Clinic

Andreas teaches you how he analyzes scalabilty and performance problems of applications without having to run large load against them. His approach covers frontend (web, mobile, rich client), backend (web server, app server, database, services, …) and deployment (bad configurations, wrong sizing, …) problem diagnostics. Those of you that have an application they are currently […]