Workshop: Agile Test Team Leadership – From Concepts to Delivery

There’s a gross error being made today across many agile organizations. They’re assuming there is no place for test management and leadership in agile, self-directed team contexts. We beg to differ with this strategy. There is a strong need to testing leadership in agile organizations, just not the way we’ve always approached it. In this […]

Workshop: Agile Testing – Practices That Deliver the Most Value

Let’s face it – agile testing is different. First of all, there are challenges integrating successfully within the teams themselves. Scrummerfall is still running rampant. Then there is the dichotomy of testing vs. quality and balancing your and the teams focus. Finally, delivering value is also an imperative, but a challenge. In this dynamic workshop, […]

Workshop: Getting Started with Selenium

Want to learn how to use Selenium from the ground up? In this session you will learn how to start from nothing and build out an initial set of business valuable, maintainable, and reliable tests that will run locally on each browser you care about.   Workshop Takeaways: Decompose an existing web application to identify […]

Workshop: Using Selenium Successfully

Already have some Selenium tests running on your local machine but aren’t sure what to do next? In this session Dave will show you how to build a scalable testing infrastructure while also making your tests more useful — by implementing robust failure reporting and increasing test speed with parallelization.   Workshop Takeaways: Build an […]