Amplify Your Test Effectiveness with High-Volume Automation

Would you like to get real benefit from your automated tests? Do you want to extend the reach of your exploratory testing? How about having your computer find new bugs while you are home sleeping? Most test automation in use today is expensive to maintain and finds few worthwhile bugs. Manual testing, on the other […]

Maximizing Success with Data Testing

We live in a world where data is king. Practically everything we do requires some type of data. And whether you are specifically testing data or you are testing products and applications that use data, it has become a necessity to understand the best way to ensure the quality of it. Large corporations are protecting […]

Collaborative Testing: Why We CAN Have Nice Things

ATDD and BDD sound great, but how does a team that is more used to traditional methods of development and testing make the transition? We’ll talk about some practical steps to get there, plus some very important shared values that the team must possess before attempting this type of development. We’ll talk about how this […]

Quality Testing and Agile at Salesforce

Salesforce adopted agile methodologies over 7 years ago. Over the years, it has helped us to drive innovation, productivity and become the world’s #1 CRM solution. Salesforce has taken agile methodologies and created a unique approach called the Adaptive Delivery Methodology (ADM). During this session, we will provide an ADM overview and how it helps […]

The Real Role of an Agile Tester

There is a labeling issue in the software development industry, and it’s doing a disservice to us as software testers. In this talk, I look at the many roles a tester can fill on an agile team, how we’ve typically been labelled, and why these labels are holding us back from having a wider impact. […]

Jumpstart Your DevOps Journey with Continuous Testing

IT organizations are adopting DevOps practices to speed more frequent software releases to production and to not only accelerate time to market but to improve overall customer experience. But, adopting DevOps practices requires a cultural shift in terms of people, process and technology involved in development, testing and operations. Many organizations encounter significant challenges when […]

Automation Challenges – A Round Table Discussion

– Are you having chronic challenges with your automation initiative? – Do you ever wish that you could discuss those situations with others who may have the same challenges or who have had success in overcoming those challenges? – Do you have experience overcoming common automation challenges that you want to share? – Are you […]

MetaAutomation: Software Quality and Communication Done Faster, Better and Cheaper

Conventional test automation has opportunity costs: the speed, scalability and robustness of automated verifications, the clarity, correctness and speed of team communication around quality details measured, and efficiency and clarity for the manual testing role, could all be much better. The randomizing maintenance costs and repro-and-debug sessions related to conventional test automation can be reduced […]