The Art of a Renaissance Tester: How Many Hats Can You Wear?

The Renaissance was an era in which many of history’s greatest thinkers lived, Da Vinci, Copernicus, Michelangelo, Galileo, Alberti. It was the inspiration for a term we call “Renaissance man”, as many polymaths were a part of this era. A Renaissance man (a.k.a. polymath) was a person whose expertise spanned a significant number of different […]

My Worst Performance Testing Mistakes

Wow, did I mess that up!! As modern software engineers we know the value of learning from our failures. We also know that it’s better to learn from the failures and mistakes of others than necessarily repeating the same mistakes in our own work. Allow me then to share my own personal “adventures” in performance […]

How Can Memory Use Affect Performance?

A Performance Tester/ Troubleshooter, needs to understand that the way an application uses memory can affect the overall application/system performance. The presentation will cover memory concepts like the cache and NUMA along with coding examples showing good and bad cache usage. Furthermore, the presentation will explain how threaded code can be further impacted by false […]

Demystifying the Test Automation Pyramid

This session will discuss the Test Automation Pyramid and how it has influenced the view and implementation of automation of testing on software projects. We will discuss the original idea and intent of the Automation Pyramid. The myths and misconceptions that have been caused by it. How to correct those myths and misconceptions. How to […]

What’s in Your Cup of “T”

Testers today are being asked to do a whole lot more than just testing. The notion of “T” shaped people was created Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO) coined it in the 1990s to describe the new breed of worker. I believe that testers, actually – anyone, can contribute a lot more to the business than […]

Strategies to Break Native Applications

Mobile apps are being used in virtually every industry by a variety of different end users and customers. They are becoming one of the most widely-used ways customers are interacting with companies and with each other – but their experiences with these apps can strongly impact how they will be used in the future, if […]

Automation for the People

Why are you automating your testing? Automation is more likely to be successful if we’re clear on the objectives we’re trying to accomplish, and those objectives need to be aligned with what the team should build a quality product – not constrained by what the tools can do. When discussing automation in the context of […]

7 Steps to Pragmatic Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is getting harder: more devices, multiple operating systems, higher quality expectations and shorter development cycles. Much of mobile app testing is manual and moving to automation is a requirement. But where do you start? Do you know who is the typical user and how the app is used? How do you know which […]

Workshop: Expanding Your Mobile Test Offerings

In this half-day session, we will discuss common challenges around your current (or new) mobile testing strategy and discuss efficient innovations that we can put in place. We will discuss the following in-depth: The test types that mobile has introduced along with definitions so you can expand your Test Plan. The appropriate use of simulators […]