Risk Based Testing

Risk is the possibility of a negative or undesirable outcome or event. Testing is concerned with two main types of risks: Product or quality risks, which are problems that can potentially affect the quality of the product itself. Project or planning risks, which are problems that can potentially affect overall project success. Not all risks […]

The Intersection of Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Accessibility deals with designing products that allow those who otherwise could not use them to gain access to information and services through assistive technology. Inclusive Design seeks to do a similar thing, but instead of focusing on the outer reaches of disability and assistive technology, the goal is to design products that take into account […]

A Tester’s Guide to Collaborating with Product Owners

In Scrum the Product Owner is relatively starkly defined. They are the owner of the Product Backlog and represent the “customer”. In many organizations, they “go it alone”, trying their best to represent business needs for their teams. What’s often missing in this approach is a wonderful collaborative connection between the teams’ testers and the […]

From Concept to Classroom: Continuously Testing Online, Interactive Curriculum at

Join’s Brian Jordan for a whirlwind tour of’s product development lifecycle, and how his team uses automated testing to ensure teachers and students won’t experience frustrating, class-period-disrupting bugs. is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. Their vision is that […]

How Rendering is Killing Your Scalability

Measuring rendering at the desktop is all the rage in performance circles, but did you know concentrating on just this one statistic can negatively impact your overall measure of performance? This presentation will examine the history of measurement at the client during performance tests, techniques in common use within testing and development environments as well […]