More Top Performance Problems and Metrics for Testing

Ever wondered why really had a problem or why BestBuy was down on Black Friday? Or what is the real reason behind that maintenance screen when you just tried to access your online banking system? If the system crashed under the load – why didn’t they test it properly? Or did they but forgot […]

DevOps: Find Solutions, Not More Defects

The promise of DevOps is that we can push new ideas out to market faster while avoiding delivering serious defects into production. Andreas Grabner explains that testers are no longer measured by the number of defect reports they enter, nor are developers measured by the lines of code they write. As a team, you are […]

Mobile Test Automation and the Need for Continuous Quality

Adopting agile practices is a struggle for many mobile app teams. Rapid introduction of new mobile devices and operating systems along with internal time-to-market pressure is pushing teams to discover the set of changes required to embed quality throughout the code-build-test cycle. While the answer sounds simple – automate process, testing, environment provisioning and deployment […]

Become an Influential Tester: Learn How to Be Heard

As a tester, are you tired of no one really listening to you? Are you finding bugs and having them ignored? Are you worried that the development process and product quality isn’t as good as it should be? Jane Fraser shares ways to help you be heard―ways to position yourself as a leader within your […]

Leading Change from the Test Team

Most efforts to request or implement changes fail. They fail often enough that the “change curve” for organization change is derived from the grieving process when a loved-one dies. Shock, denial, anger, and fear are experienced before the organization starts accepting the change and committing to it. These change efforts fail somewhere between shock and […]