A Note to Attendees of the Workshop: Application Performance Clinic

Grabner-WebPhotoHi there,
I am Andi (Andreas) Grabner and I heard from the STPCon Conference Organizers that you registered for my Application Performance Clinic – I hope you know that you signed up for trouble! 🙂

In the Clinic I will be showing you how I typically analyze applications in terms of architectural, scalability and performance issues. Last year I analyzed about 200 apps and I want to share the top findings – but even more important: How you can do this on your own app!

I will be bringing my own apps to show you how to do it BUT – I would much rather have you BYOA (Bring Your Own App).

Bring Your Own App! – IF YOU DARE!

If you do have an application that you want to have performance analyzed then bring it along – either on your laptop – or – if it runs somewhere remote – try to get a remote connection to your system. I am sure the WiFi at the venue will be good enough.
If it is a web app/site and it is publicly accessible or via a VPN we can also do a live web performance analysis session!

Got An App? Willing to get it analyzed? Then ANSWER these questions!

As we have a good group of people signed up I would like to get some prerequisite steps complete before we all make it to STPCon. This will make the whole clinic more efficient for those that bring their app! In case you have an app that you want to get analyzed please reply to this email and answer the following questions which allows me to tell you the exact preparation steps!

  1. #1: Is it a web application that is publicly accessible? If so: What is the URL?
  2. #2: Is it a web application we can access via a VPN on your laptop?
  3. #3: Is your application a rich client app? If so: is it Java or .NET based? And on which OS does it run?
  4. #4: On which technology stack does your app run? Java, .NET, PHP, Node.JS, Ruby, Pyhton, …
  5. #5: Do you have any performance tests (JMeter, LoadRunner, SoapUi, …) that you can execute against your application to put it under stress?

Don’t have an app? – No worries!

If you don’t have an app I can recommend three sample apps that I am always using – free to download here – happy to distribute them as well at STPCon as I will be bringing them on USB Sticks

To analyze the performance of these apps we will be using two sets of tools

  1. Built-in Browser Diagnostics Tools that come already pre-installed with your browser (Chrome, Firefox and IE)
  2. Dynatrace Personal License which is a life-time free APM Tool. All you need to do is fill out this form and wait from an email from agrabner@dynatrace.com (yeah – that’s me): http://bit.ly/dtpersonal

If you have any further questions let me know I will be arriving at the hotel Sunday evening (4/3). If you want to grab a drink and discuss the workshop let me know as well.

All the best, Cu soon –

Dynatrace Personal Free for Life! @ http://bit.ly/dtpersonal

ANDREAS GRABNER | Performance Advocate | dynatrace.com
andreas.grabner@dynatrace.com | M (US): +1 949 547 5141 | M (AT): +43 664 3999 883 | @grabnerandi